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Hello Future!

SUPEROOM XR is AMBIONs live XR studio in Berlin. Extend your show with new environments, impressive scenes, visualizations of complex information and more phantastic highlights. An underwater product presentation, a future-talk from within the jungle, an out of this world fashion show or live-music from mars – or all of this at the snap of a finger. 

AMBIONs SUPEROOM XR offers a studio environment to flexibly and creatively realise virtual productions of next level events or preproduction of content. 
Enhance extended reality by 6D tracking of actors and objects for truly incredible possibillities. And all this at the highest possible level thanks to state of the art LED technology. 


What’s happening in SUPEROOM XR?  
Augmented reality, extended reality, motion capturing, tracking, interactive tools, virtual light + object interaction, video conferencing … take a look ...

WE LOVE XR "Music Performance" Documentation

WE LOVE XR project
Spoken Word 

WE LOVE XR project
Spoken Word documentation

WE LOVE XR project
Music Performance

Showroom The Epic Space
Making Of

Endless Possibilities

Move audiences. By telling new stories. Or telling stories anew. Visually enthralling and interactive. 

Enchant your audience. Float, fly or dive through phantastic worlds. 

Better. By visualising products and concepts. Engaging and interactive. 

In visually exciting

Concerts and art performances in never before seen spaces. 

Take conferencing to an entirely new level. By hosting speakers and presenting content in any way imaginable. 

Don’t just hold a keynote. Let your audience feel it, live it. Make it a lasting impression. 

Make the impossible possible. And go where no man has gone before. Or ever will. On a journey to your imagination. 

The Idea

Advantages of LED Technology 

The background is always part of the real set – displayed on the LED screens and floor. Avoiding greenscreen and keying-techniques offers many benefits: 

  • No green spill or reflections on shoulders, hair or in glossy, reflective surfaces 
  • No limitations to talents wardrobe or jewellery 
  • Any choice of real objects or furniture on stage, regardless the colors 
  • Shadows on stage are real and recorded as such 
  • Environmental light on talent and objects is real and adjustable on set
  • Reflexions on talent and objects are real and far more realistic 
  • A real environment displayed on set allows a better orientation for talent – and better confidence during the show. 

High Quality Tech


32 sqm LED floor 


35 sqm LED screens 


Virtual and real lighting rig 


Two studio cameras on pedestal and jib 


Stype camera tracking 


6D Blacktrax tracking system for talent or objects 



The AMBION team is ready to go. SUPEROOM XR is located in Berlins Vienna House Andel’s, In close proximity to the BETTER NOW STUDIOS, the full-service digital production Studio. With enough space for virtual or hybrid events, with our without an audience.

AMBION at Vienna House Andel's
Landsberger Allee 106
10369 Berlin

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